Personalized, professional asset management services

Mark I Asset Management, Ltd. is an Oklahoma-based firm providing independent and objective asset, investment and wealth management services. Mark I puts the interests of its clients first at all times and believes in providing personalized, professional asset management services.

The Mark I professionals are highly trained and educated, talented and diligent -- offering the important combination of professional training plus caring management service. Mark I is here to help you navigate through the complex and rapidly-changing financial issues facing you today.


The Wealth Update is Jerry Plant's and Nick Harroz's informative, written blog, designed to help you navigate the increasingly complex financial world. It covers topics such as asset management, future trends and market updates. Check back often to see what's new. Click the blog icon below to read The Wealth Update.


In addition to our written blogs, we also have a series of video blogs that cover a variety of financial topics. Click the video icon below to watch our video blogs.